Additional Capabilities

Studio + Services


Studio Rental

My studio is available for rent for photo shoots and other creative needs.

The studio has 400-450 sq. ft. of open working space, various tables, backdrop stands and lighting for a variety of projects. All rentals are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Feel free to contact me about
studio rental by emailing me.


Film Scanning

I offer drum scanning for film using a Howtek 8000 (4000-8000 dpi). Film scanning is available locally and nationally.

I scan at an hourly rate rather than a per image fee. It takes roughly an hour to scan a roll of 35mm (35 frames), a roll of 120 (12 frames), two 4×5 negatives or one 8 x 10 negative.

Reference scans are available.

Feel free to contact me about
scanning by emailing me.