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Final Portfolio | Interactive Media – Whitmore

Final Portfolio

For your final portfolio you are required to design and develop a fully functioning portfolio web site to display your graphic design work and/or any other creative work you do.

Take this opportunity to create a site that reflects your personality, shows your best work and tells future clients, collaborators and employers that you’ve got your act together.


1) Design and develop an HTML/CSS based site with a minimum of 9 pages. (Including: Home, Contact, Bio/About, 3 pages of categorized design/art work and three single page for individual design pieces)

  • Home Page: This is an introduction to your work, your personality as a designer and in most cases your best chance at a ‘virtual’ first impression. This could be a ‘splash’ page but should it be? Look at some of the home pages some of your favorite designers and make a list of things you love and hate about the sites you visit. This page MUST be an ‘index.html’ page. No more ‘remake_home.html’ or ‘home.html’, etc.
  • Contact Page: This page can be full of information or very simple. Be very conscious about sharing personal information, thing about how necessary it is. Does anyone really need your address? Perhaps if you have a studio space and you invite people to stop by. For many of us our studio is our home so broadcasting where we live is something to consider. Think about the various ways that people can contact, friend or follow you. Are you a social media junkie? This page is a chance to show just what kind of WallaSquareTwitterBookDiggYelpster you are.
  • Bio/About Page: Not to be confused with ‘contact page’ this page is required and you should take the opportunity (even if you don’t enjoy it) to write a brief biography. What would you like people to know about you in terms of your interests, talents and aspirations. It does get easier and in the future you’ll be asked to provide a bio for a project or a pitch to a client more often than you think.
  • Three Categories of Work: Before you ask … not negotiable. The challenge here is to give your work context. You are required to find themes and groupings for your work (subject, color palette, materials). This helps you identify interests, strengths, weaknesses and overlap between and among your projects. This also offers you the opportunity to explore design variations between categories of work. An area within your site that displays illustration could have a different graphic treatment than an area that displays typography. These pages can be any number of list/thumbnail/collages configurations for presentation.
  • One Single Portfolio Piece Page: You will design a single page for an individual piece in each category. This page should be linked to from the FIRST item on each of your category pages.

2) You are expected to use the HTML/CSS techniques and guidelines presented in class along with anything you wish to research on your own.

5) I am expecting your highest level of design and execution so far this quarter. You should start working on the design as soon as you can. I am looking for aesthetic coherence between your work and the style of your site.

Required Elements to include:

  • CSS Sprites
  • Contact Form (doesn’t have to work)
  • ‘mailto’ contact links
  • a single external stylesheet
  • correct HTML tags (replaced + non-replaced elemetns)
  • appropriate use of IDs versus Classes
  • appropriate naming conventions
  • well organized site files, design files and source material
  • twitter feed (research time!!!!) (Dont’ have a twitter account? Start one and deleted after I grade this, its up to you)
  • icon link to your LinkedIn profile (Don’t have one? Start one…)


  • Additional social media links (Flickr, Facebook, Digg, etc.)
  • Google Map (have a studio or address you don’t mind sharing?)
  • Extra cool stuff you want to include

Some Recent Student Portfolios from ART341

Some Professional Porfolios to Consider


Monday, March 11 — Designs for three different pages finished and posted to Flickr
Tuesday, March 19 — Final Critique (Let’s discuss this)

Friday, March 23 — Resubmissions for the term due by Noon (no exceptions!)