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Re-Think, Re-Make | Interactive Media – Whitmore

Re-Think, Re-Make


To evaluate a web site you believe should be redesigned and that you can improve visually and organizationally. For this project you will identify a website to be redesigned, redesign 3 pages for that site and build those pages. You should be looking for a site that needs a visual face-lift.

How can use your new design better align the site with the service, product or identity displayed there? Think about typography, photography, graphics. You are not allowed to re-brand, use existing logos and colors (or a color palette related to the site you’ve chosen) Are there features or elements you think are missing or should be removed? Think about the experience of using a certain type of site, bring your experience as a consumer/user to your redesign … ask friends, etc…. how can you enhance this experience through design.


  1. Choose a site that you wish to redesign and rebuild. Start by browsing the “The Good Bad and the Ugly” posts.
  2. Make screen captures of 3 different pages. You must include the Home Page and the Contact Page [or any page with a form of some type if the Contact Page doesn’t have one] And another key content page that is not just text based. Keep these for reference and to turn in with your project.
  3. Redesign all  3 pages using Photoshop. I will not accept Illustrator files for this assignment. I will be looking for layered PSDs that are also well labeled and organized.
  4. Build all 3 of your pages using HTML/CSS and any other topics covered in class or researched on your own.
  5. You will turn in your Site Files, Design Files and Source Materials

February 12th – Design Comps Due on Flickr
(before and after images together/side-by-side)

February 19th – Re-think, Re-make DUE




 Student Example: 

OLD: http://web.archive.org/web/20100323093347/http://www.knittnkitten.com/
NEW: http://www.knittnkitten.com/index.html by Christine Blystone

OLD: http://finnware.com
NEW: Finnware Redesign by Leah O.

OLD: http://www.itcfonts.com/
NEW:  ITC Fonts by August M.

OLD: http://www.toastandpho.com/
NEW: Toast & Pho by Alex B.

OLD: http://www.hairofthedog.com/
NEW: Hair of the Dog by Trent E.