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The Digital Decade (2000-2010) | Interactive Media – Whitmore

The Digital Decade (2000-2010)

Despite a prolonged recession, nearly a decade of war, and general insecurity about the future of the planet we have still managed to move forward rapidly over the last 12 years in the realm of on-line media and digital technologies.

This project offers you the opportunity to research and reflect upon the first decade of the new millenium through design explorations related to major advancements and events that have catapulted us further into the digital era.

Your first project will be to build a 6 page website that will represent 5 major trends/advancements/events related to digital media between the years 2000 and 2010.

Think of this as a visual & interactive research paper.


  1. One home page — this page can be a ‘splash/intro’ page or more expanded summary page.
  2. Five pages, each exploring a different event/technology/product that you believe should be considered a milestone in the digital time-line.
  3. Each of your 5 pages should be an informational and visual exploration of it’s subject.
  4. You must provide a textual summary of your event. (Think, visually enganging WikiPedia page)
  5. You may quote and cite other sources, and like any research project you are required to link to those sources.
  6. You are expected to use the design and development techniques covered in class; following the guidelines and standards set forth in class demos.
  7. Your files and code should be well organized. This includes: Site Files(HTML), Project Files (Files/Folders) and Design (PSDs) — See the File Organization page for specifics on this.

Topic Categories

You will choose ONE topic from each of these categories and focus on how to best design/communicate the significance of each topic individually and within a cohesive site design.

Category #1: Social Networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Check-In Applications: Foursqaure / Gowalla
  • Online Dating (jadate.com, match.com, etc.)
  • User Reviews (yelp.com, urbandspoon.com, citysearch.com)

Category #2: Gadgets

  • GPS
  • iPhone/Smart Phones
  • Readers/Tablets
  • iPod/Music Players
  • Gaming Systems
  • Other / Medical / Fitness / Etc.

Category #3: Communication

  • Broadband
  • WiFi
  • Text: SMS / BBM
  • Video: Skype / VoiP
  • Telecom Networks advancements 3G/4G etc.

Category #4: Media

  • iTunes / Rhapsody / Rdio / Amazon
  • Internet Radio: Pandora / Pure Volume / Rdio / Live365 / Soma Radio
  • Internet TV & Movies: Netflix / Hulu
  • High Definition Video: HD vs. BlueRay
  • Sharing: Flickr / PhotoBucket / Picasa / YouTube / Vimeo
  • Piracy: Bittorrent / Gnutella / Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Category #5: Open Topic

For this final topic you can choose your own topic that is NOT from the above categories or you can choose one more topics from the above categories to complete your 5 subjects.



Date: Project Starts

Date: Designs Due

  • Designs Due in Class 3-6 full pages designs in PSD or JPG format for review.
  • JPGs must be posted to official Flickr group

Date: Pre-Coding Diagrams DUE.

  • 3-6 hand drawn or digital diagrams. You will outline and break down your design to prepare for coding.
  • Use B&W print outs and light table to do overlay traces and diagram 2-3 levels of content (<div>s)
  • Or use Photoshop and colored boxes to overlay your design.

Date: Project Due (design and development files due, see the TURNING IN PROJECTS page for details)

Things to think about:

  1. How do you visually present something like the rise of social media or evolution of mobile devices?
  2. What have certain technological advancements left in their wake? Has there been a ripple effect resulting in other advancements or the decline of more traditional/analog technologies?
  3. What is uniquely visual for each of your topics and what overall aesthetic will your site have. How will you balance variety and consistency?

Student Examples: